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Tips To Protect Your Items And Home When Moving On A Rainy Day

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It’s always best to move in good weather, but this is not always possible. If you find yourself packing and moving as the rain drops come tumbling down, these tips will help you, your possessions, and your home stay safe and dry. Tape the plastic wrapping around your furniture. Draping plastic over your furniture is not quite enough; water can work its way under the plastic. To make sure your furniture stays dry, make sure you tape the plastic around your furniture. Read More»

Self-Storage: Tips To Store Your Formal Clothing Correctly

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Finding the right formal clothes that make you look stunning takes time, and this is why it is important to take care of them. This is especially true when storing your garments in a self-storage facility. You need to think about the right storage unit and know how to pack your clothes before storing them, and this guide will help you do just that. Did You Choose The Right Storage Unit? Read More»

How To Use Your Residential Storage Service To Stage Your House

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Properly staging your house can increase the offers that buyers make on your property. While many people selling their homes assume that staging means decorating, this is not really the case. Staging is the art of presenting a generic but idealized version of a property. The idea behind staging is to make a house look its best and its most impersonal to allow prospective buyers the opportunity to imagine themselves living in that house. Read More»

Moving Soon? Use These Packaging Materials To Ensure The Safety Of Your Belongings

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Whether you’re moving a home or a business, it’s highly likely that you have fragile belongings that can be seriously damaged if they are not packed correctly.  You must take care to cushion televisions, computers, stereos, and glassware so that you can minimize the chance that they will break as they are being transported.  Use this information to learn more about the packaging tools that you should obtain so that your goods will be intact when you reach your new destination. Read More»

Porcelain Doll Collection Getting Too Large? How To Pack And Store Them In Self-Storage Units

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Are you a collector of porcelain dolls? Is your collection beginning to take over your home? If your porcelain dolls are running out of room in your home, it may be time to pack up and put some of those dolls in storage for a little while to make room for the newest additions. This article will discuss how to prepare and store your dolls so that they remain in pristine condition. Read More»

Benefits And Tips For Storing Your RV

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So you just purchased your first RV and you’re not sure how you’ll store the unit during the off-season. Many people decide to keep their RV’s stored in their yard during the winter months, which is fine if you don’t live in a climate that gets extreme winter weather. But if you do live where it snows often, and the winter seems to drag on forever, you may consider putting your RV into storage. Read More»

Small Catering Business Tips: Rent The Space Your Need

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Running a catering business out of your home can save on overhead, but chances are most of the work takes place off-site. When you’re first starting out, it’s usually less expensive to rent what what you need as opposed to leasing out an expensive kitchen or business space. These money-saving tips can help you outsource your business location without a lot of upfront costs. Storage A mini storage unit is the least expensive way to store your tableware, cookware, serving utensils, warmers, and other catering tools. Read More»

Paper Problems: Shredding Services Clear Out Old Paper Quickly

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If you’re in the process of cleaning out and closing up the apartment or home of a person who recently died, you are no doubt finding many old papers that do not need to be kept. While a certain number of years’ worth of receipts, statements, and other documents should be kept, sometimes this amount can grow and grow if the deceased neglected to clean out older documents. When trying to get rid of these, look into shredding services. Read More»

Maximizing Space In A Mini Storage Unit: Mistakes To Avoid

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When renting out a mini storage unit, space can often be an issue. This may be especially true if you’re not familiar with how to properly pack and organize your storage unit in a way that maximizes space. Making the most of your storage unit’s square footage does take some time and planning. Along the way, there are some organization mistakes you’ll also want to avoid; otherwise, you’ll be wasting precious space. Read More»