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How To Use Your Residential Storage Service To Stage Your House

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Properly staging your house can increase the offers that buyers make on your property. While many people selling their homes assume that staging means decorating, this is not really the case. Staging is the art of presenting a generic but idealized version of a property. The idea behind staging is to make a house look its best and its most impersonal to allow prospective buyers the opportunity to imagine themselves living in that house. Staging happens in two phases, de-cluttering and de-personalizing, and your residential storage service can help you with both of them. 


A big and important part of staging your home is organizing and removing your clutter. Clutter can be anything from piles of bills to extra unnecessary furniture. The goal of de-cluttering is to make the rooms of your house look open, spacious and clean. To de-clutter, start by clearing all flat surfaces, including shelves, coffee tables, countertops, tabletops and night stands. The only thing that you should see on these surfaces are those things you need to function in your daily life (for example, the coffee maker or your digital clock) and basic decorating touches (like a vase of flowers or a candle). 

Pack up anything on these surfaces that doesn't belong in a staged home, and take that clutter to your residential storage facility. Avoid stashing your clutter in closets and storage areas in your house because potential buyers will want to see those spaces and assess your home's storage space.

Next, remove any unnecessary furniture from the room. For example, if you have a large family and have lined the walls of your living room with lounge chairs to accommodate all the people, consider taking a few sofas and chairs to your storage unit. Packing a room full of furniture can make the room itself look small and claustrophobic to potential buyers. 


The next part of staging involves de-personalizing your home. Take down your large family photo over the mantle, and remove your paper mementos from the fridge. These personal touches might make your house feel like your true home, but they can be alienating to potential buyers. Pack these items in clearly marked boxes and take them to your residential storage unit. 

Don't forget that many residential storage services offer move-in assistance and sell boxes to their tenants. For more information about how your residential storage service can help you during the sale of your home, contact a local company like Fidelity Moving & Storage Co Inc.