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Moving Soon? Use These Packaging Materials To Ensure The Safety Of Your Belongings

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Whether you're moving a home or a business, it's highly likely that you have fragile belongings that can be seriously damaged if they are not packed correctly.  You must take care to cushion televisions, computers, stereos, and glassware so that you can minimize the chance that they will break as they are being transported.  Use this information to learn more about the packaging tools that you should obtain so that your goods will be intact when you reach your new destination.

Unbleached Washed Muslin Softens The Blows

If you happen to own antiques or other family heirlooms, you should definitely consider using unbleached washed muslin during your move.  Muslin is a material that is commonly used for sewing projects such as blankets or quilts.  It's great for covering precious items during a move because it serves as a soft but strong cradle that envelopes your belongings and absorbs the shocks that can occur if your moving vehicle hits a bump or pothole.

Unbleached washed muslin is traditionally sold on rolls and can be found at most fabric stores.  Muslin is very durable and is also reusable, meaning that you can use the product over and over again each time you move.

Use Acid-Free Folders To Keep Your Documents Safe

Another important consideration for you to make as you prepare for your move is the proper care of your documents and files.  The information contained on your documents is often just as, if not more, vital than your larger objects.  You definitely want to make sure that your important papers do not become marred during your move.

A great way to protect your papers is with acid-free folders.  Acid-free folders are constructed without the use of the acids that can so easily seep into your documents and cause the ink to blur or the paper to deteriorate.  An added benefit of using acid-free folders is that you can keep your documents in these folders even after you've unpacked to help keep them in good condition for as long as possible.  You'll find acid-free folders at most home goods stores.

Glassine Paper Is Perfect For Pictures 

To increase the amount of protection for your pictures, wrap them in glassine paper before putting them into a cushioned, bubble-wrap envelope while you are packing.  Glassine paper is resistant to air, grease and water, making them the perfect choice for keeping your pictures glossy and looking great during your move.  You can pick up glassine paper at most large department stores.

Take the time to use these packaging tools the next time you move.  You may be pleasantly surprised at arriving to your new residence and finding everything still intact! If you need packaging materials for your move, consult Security Self Storage.