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Small Catering Business Tips: Rent The Space Your Need

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Running a catering business out of your home can save on overhead, but chances are most of the work takes place off-site. When you're first starting out, it's usually less expensive to rent what what you need as opposed to leasing out an expensive kitchen or business space. These money-saving tips can help you outsource your business location without a lot of upfront costs.


A mini storage unit is the least expensive way to store your tableware, cookware, serving utensils, warmers, and other catering tools. Choose the smallest unit that can comfortably house your belongings – you can always upgrade as your business grows.

You can even store dry goods and non-perishable foods in a storage unit. Simply add some shelving to keep the food off the floor and package everything in pest-resistant containers.

The "Company" Vehicle

A rental moving truck provides a simple solution for getting everything from point A to point B, without the need for investing in an expensive van. You can select a truck that fits the size of each individual job, which may also save on transportation costs. Selecting a storage unit that also handles truck rentals or is near a truck rental business will further simplify the process.

Uhaul, for example, rents both small vans and box trucks. If you need to transport both staff and supplies to an event outside of town, a small box truck and a passenger van rental is all you need. If you tried to own your catering vehicle, you would be stuck choosing between people or product transportation.

Most rental truck companies keep their vehicles spotless, but you will still want to bring a broom and a tarp. Sweep out the back of the vehicles before loading it and lay the tarp on the floor. Most rental trucks are used for moving household goods, so you don't want any dust on your catering equipment and supplies.

For more truck rental tips, contact a company like Upland Stor King Property.

Work Space

The final piece of the puzzle is work space. If you cater primarily at event centers, you may have access to their kitchens. For other events, such as birthday parties, you may need to prepare the food ahead of time. You have two options – get your kitchen inspected and approved for commercial use, or rent a commercial kitchen. Kitchen rental is usually the least stressful way to go, plus you know the kitchen will be fully appointed and with plenty of room for making a big order.

In the long run, renting the space you need is more cost effective for a small catering business. Storage, truck and kitchen rental are all part of your overhead, and will be reflected in the final price you charge your clients.