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Tips To Protect Your Items And Home When Moving On A Rainy Day

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It's always best to move in good weather, but this is not always possible. If you find yourself packing and moving as the rain drops come tumbling down, these tips will help you, your possessions, and your home stay safe and dry.

Tape the plastic wrapping around your furniture.

Draping plastic over your furniture is not quite enough; water can work its way under the plastic. To make sure your furniture stays dry, make sure you tape the plastic around your furniture. Painter's tape or masking tape work well for this because they're sticky enough to hold the plastic in place, but not so sticky that they'll rip the finish off of furniture if they accidentally get stuck to it.

Put items in plastic containers, rather than in boxes.

Many moving companies will rent out plastic packing containers, so you don't have to buy your own. This way, you won't have to scurry so quickly from the door to the moving truck, trying to avoid getting your boxes wet. Make sure the lids of the containers fit well, and dry each one off once its in the moving truck so you don't end up getting water on other valuable items inside. For more information, call professionals like Walsh Moving & Storage.

Make a pathway of towels, rugs or mats leading into the home.

You don't wan to track water into your home when you are carrying all those boxes. Taking your shoes on and off every time you come in to get a new box can be time-consuming and unrealistic.  Create a pathway from the doorway to the area where your boxes are stacked with towels or area rugs, and walk only on this path with your shoes on.

Use an assembly-line system to move items into the truck.

This will minimize the number of times that wet people have to come inside. Have one (dry) person carry the items to the door and hand them off to another (outside) person who loads them in the truck.

Load up on weather protection clothing.

You don't want to get soaked to the bone on moving day because it will be hard to manage your wet, dirty clothes. Wear old clothes, and layer a raincoat over top of them. When you're done packing, you can put the raincoat in a bag and deal with it later. Change into dry clothes, and toss the old, wet ones in the trash if washing them is not convenient.

With the tips above, your rainy moving day will go more smoothly. Make sure you have plenty of help. The more helpers you have, the faster you can pack, and the dryer everyone will stay.