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Self-Storage: Tips To Store Your Formal Clothing Correctly

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Finding the right formal clothes that make you look stunning takes time, and this is why it is important to take care of them. This is especially true when storing your garments in a self-storage facility. You need to think about the right storage unit and know how to pack your clothes before storing them, and this guide will help you do just that.

Did You Choose The Right Storage Unit?

Believe it or not, the right storage can offer protection that other storage facilities cannot. Your formal garments need protection from the following:

  • Sunlight, because it can discolor some of your clothes over time.
  • Humidity, as it contains moisture that can attract insects, some of which may consume natural fibers. Humidity also creates the perfect environment for mildew or mold to grow.

Thankfully, all you need is the right storage to avoid these dangers. You want to make sure that your unit does not let sunlight in. Also, you want to make sure that your unit has a temperature control system installed. Cooler temperatures may help keep both insects and humidity under control. Talk to your storage specialist to try to get your unit down to 75 degrees, which is ideal for clothes. Talk to the professionals at a local storage unit like the ones at Santa Monica Mini Storage to learn more.

Do You Have The Right Packing Materials?

Yes, a storage unit or a mini storage unit can offer a lot of protection, but the wrong packaging material can present you with a different type of danger. You need to make sure you purchase acid-free garment boxes and garment tissues.

A lot of the packaging material could contain acids that could degrade or discolor your formal clothes, especially during long-term storage.

Make sure you place tissue between every fold before you place your garments in the boxes. This is to make the fold softer and prevent unwanted creases.

You can find acid-free packaging material in your local packaging store, or you can ask your storage specialist.

Are Your Garments Clean Enough For Storage?

You may wear your formal clothing to all sorts of places, like a soiree or a restaurant, and that makes your clothing susceptible to all sorts of things. Some of these things could be food particles, oils, or organic matter. You have to make sure you take your clothes to a dry-cleaner before storing them, as these things could attract insects to your clothes while in storage. There may be acids hidden in your garments waiting to degrade or discolor your clothes, too.

As you can see, making sure your formal-wear is ready for long-term storage takes a little preparation and care.