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Paper Problems: Shredding Services Clear Out Old Paper Quickly

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If you’re in the process of cleaning out and closing up the apartment or home of a person who recently died, you are no doubt finding many old papers that do not need to be kept. While a certain number of years’ worth of receipts, statements, and other documents should be kept, sometimes this amount can grow and grow if the deceased neglected to clean out older documents. When trying to get rid of these, look into shredding services. Read More»

Maximizing Space In A Mini Storage Unit: Mistakes To Avoid

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When renting out a mini storage unit, space can often be an issue. This may be especially true if you’re not familiar with how to properly pack and organize your storage unit in a way that maximizes space. Making the most of your storage unit’s square footage does take some time and planning. Along the way, there are some organization mistakes you’ll also want to avoid; otherwise, you’ll be wasting precious space. Read More»