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Moving To A New City? Four Ways To Connect With People

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A move offers a mix of excitement and anxiety. The idea of moving across the country to a new city offers a unique and exciting opportunity, but the idea of reestablishing yourself on the social scene can produce an overwhelming amount of anxiety. Don't just think of your move as an exhausting task. Think of it as an exhilarating adventure that you can easily conquer.

Utilize The Internet

Social networking sites and dating apps aren't the only ways the Internet can connect you with new people. Open forums, such as dog owners in New York City and social sites like, offer similar ways to connect with new people who you have something in common with. Even if you don't develop a long-lasting friendship, these groups at least offer a great idea for getting out of the house.

Head To The Gym

Whether you were a member of your gym before your move or not, consider joining a gym in your new city. Gyms offer a number of opportunities to spark up a conversation and even a friendship. Boost your efforts by taking a regular class, such as every Wednesday. You may not talk to anyone during your first class, but as you continue the class you will undoubtedly start to open up and maybe connect with someone.

Tap Into Your Alumni Network

If you attended a larger college or university, the chances of there being someone near your area that attended your school are high. Take advantage of this and tap into your alumni network. There may be an alumni group in the area that you can connect with. The same is true if you're a member of a fraternity or sorority. If there isn't an alumni association, some of your college friends may also be able to connect you with someone in the area as well.

Volunteer In The Community

Volunteering also offers an excellent opportunity to meet new people while also giving back to the community. Two great things about volunteering is that you are forced to interact and since the whole point of volunteering is to help others, many of the people there will likely be more open and friendly. This type of atmosphere can make communicating with new people a more comfortable experience.

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