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Moving A Freshwater Aquarium To A New Home

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If you have an aquarium full of freshwater fish in your home, and you are planning on moving in the near future, you will want to take the proper steps to prepare the equipment properly so it does not become damaged in transit. Arrangements will need to be taken to ensure your pets are cared for properly as well. Here are some steps you can take so your setup and fish arrive at your new abode without incident.

Purchase A Backup Holding Area For Your Fish

Most moving companies will not allow for live creatures to be put in their truck, making it necessary to find an alternate way to get your pets to your new home. You will first need to visit a local pet store to find a smaller tank to use to hold your fish so you can transport them via your own vehicle. Setting up this tank a few weeks in advance of the move is best, as you will need to stabilize the water conditions beforehand.

Make sure you buy a tank with a sturdy lid so water does not seep out should you hit a pothole or find the need to brake suddenly. It is also best to have another person available to watch over the tank as you drive, so it does not tip during the trip. Consider purchasing a plastic tank rather than a glass one, so there is no risk of breakage. If you have a large aquarium, you may need to purchase more than one tank to fit your fish inside without overcrowding them in the process.

Package All Accessories Separate From The Tank

Clean out your fish tank in its entirety before making the move so you can set it up promptly upon your arrival at your new home. Place all accessories needed to run your tank in a plastic storage container. Heating elements and aeration equipment should first be wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them a bit more before putting them in the container. Make sure to pack the gravel used in the tank as this holds beneficial bacteria that will make your aquarium setup easier than setting it up from scratch. Place this gravel in a metal coffee container with a lid and use packing tape to seal it shut.

Protect The Glass With The Appropriate Supplies

Place masking tape diagonally from corner to corner of each side of the exterior of your aquarium, forming a letter "X" in the process. This will help keep the glass from shattering in the moving truck if something were to accidentally bump into your tank. Tape a thick piece of cardboard to each side of the tank as well for added protection. Set several bath towels or a blanket in the opening of the tank to give it some cushioning from the interior. Afterward, wrap the tank inside a thick comforter and use packing tape to secure it in place. Tape a piece of paper to the comforter and write "Glass Aquarium - Fragile" upon it so the moving company knows how to place it appropriately in their truck.

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