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Fibromyalgia Makes Packing Painful? Try Packing Services Instead

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If your fibromyalgia pain makes it hard to pack your clothing, furnishings, and other personal items for your big move, contact a professional moving company for assistance. Using a packing service is one of your most convenient options, especially if your condition prevents you from stooping, squatting, or bending. In addition, the moving company will label your boxes to make it easier on you when you arrive to your new home. Here are three other things your movers can do for you when they pack your items.

Place Heavy Items Individually

Fibromyalgia may affect the joints in your hands and fingers. Because of this, you may not have the grip or strength to lift heavy boxes. Your movers may place heavy items, such as DVD players, computers, and other appliances, in single or individual boxes.

The movers may also use smaller boxes, which protects your heavy items from shifting or moving around during transport. Items that flip over or turn in awkward positions may be harder to lift out of their boxes.

When your heavy boxes arrive to your new home, ask your movers to place them on a waist-high table or counter. It may keep you from bending or stooping down too far to open up the boxes when you need to remove your items.

Use Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes don't require clothing items to be folded before they're packed. Instead, the containers are long enough to fit coats, dresses, pants, and other apparel without taking them off their hangers. 

In addition, you may wish to have large items such as quilts, blankets, and pillows placed in the wardrobe boxes. These items may stay fresher longer if you don't transport them in regular boxes. The wardrobe boxes may also prevent your bedding from wrinkling on the trip.

Customize Your Boxes and Packing Services for You

For personal items that require special consideration, such as your fibromyalgia shoes, reaching tools, and muscle wraps, ask your mover to customize moving containers for them. The boxes may contain protective cushioning to keep breakable tools and tearable fabrics safe. The customized containers may feature handles to make lifting and carrying them easier on you. 

Be sure to ask your movers to place your special items last in the moving truck or leave them with you if you can transport them. This will allow you to find them quicker when you arrive to your destination.

If you have questions about packing services for individuals with fibromyalgia, contact a moving service like Bekins Van Lines Inc today.