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Four Steps for Packing Up the Home of Your Deceased Parent

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If you have recently lost a parent, you might be in charge of cleaning out their home and going through their possessions. While it may be a trying time, it is important to take this task seriously and sensitively. Here are four steps you need to take if you are tasked with clearing out your late parent's home.

1. Schedule Movers

If there are family heirlooms or large furnishings that you would like to keep in the family, be sure to set up movers as soon as you can. If you have a quick turnaround to clear things out, movers can bring these items either to your home or to storage. Make sure loved possessions are taken care of by hiring on professionals to help. Consider contacting A-1 America's Best Moving for your needs.

2. Set Up Storage

If there are items that you just aren't sure about, or possessions that another family member might need to take a look at, rent a storage unit. This is a great way to keep things out of the way until items can be dealt with properly. If there are items that have been promised to family members, keep these safe until they can get there to claim possession.

3. Enlist Help

If you are upset or emotionally exhausted, you might need another set of fresh eyes to see things clearly and help you make a few snap decisions you wouldn't be able to handle on your own. If you don't have people that can help, you can hire on an organizer or full-service moving company that can take the time to go through items and pack with you.

4. Have an Estate Sale

You don't need to keep everything, but that doesn't mean that your late parent's items aren't of value. Holding an estate sale is a great way to ensure your parent's belongings will find new homes. If you need help there are professionals that can come in and price items and handle transactions during the sale. Once this is complete, you can have other items taken to a donation center by your movers if this is still a large haul.

Having to handle moving out of a house for a deceased loved one can be a trying time. Don't do this all on your own and don't try to make every last decision in a week's time. Make sure to have movers there to do the heavy lifting and try your best to sort through memories, keeping what is important.